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Welcome to St Pauls Gallery online

St Pauls Gallery is the World's leading retailer in signed limited edition album cover fine art. Opened in 2002 St Pauls has steadily grown to what is now the largest collection of licensed album cover art in the World. With well over 100 signed prints on permanent show and sale, the gallery is a place not to be missed if music is your passion. Also on show are exclusive collections of signed limited edition musician portrait photographs and fine art prints. St Pauls also actively invests and trades in rare fine art prints and originals by world renowned artists including Andy Warhol, Picasso, Bridget Riley and Salvador Dali.

St Pauls' range of album cover fine art from bands including Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen, David Bowie & The Beatles is on show in the various white wall gallery spaces, each print signed by the original artist who created the work all those years ago. Album cover artists include Sir Peter Blake (The Beatles, Ian Dury), Storm Thorgerson & Aubrey Powell of Hipgnosis (Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, 10cc), Karl Ferris (Jimi Hendrix, Donovan), Terry Pastor (David Bowie), and Jim Fitzpatrick (Thin Lizzy)

Every print is recreated using the finest printing methods including screen and giclee printing onto heavy stock fine art paper. Once printed each print is checked by the artist and then signed. Many of the prints are then presented to the relevant artiste/s to sign and musicians so far who have endorsed by hand signing the prints include David Bowie, Jimmy Page, Brian May, Mark Knopfler, Nick Mason and many more. As the print editions sell out, due to their exclusive and finite nature, the value and price of remaining prints increases so investment potential is a very real facet of collecting these important editions.

Rockface Portraits, fine art signed portraits of famous musicians produced in conjuction with the Nordoff Robbins music charity, are also exclusively on show and available from the gallery. Painted by world renowned portrait artist Melissa Mailer-Yates and with artistes such as Paul Weller, Nick Mason, Katie Meluah and Grace Jones having supported the charity through sitting for portraits, these low edition (20 prints World Wide) signed prints are not only desirable but promise to offer very real financial returns in the future.

Also on show is a large and growing selection of signed fine art photographic portraits by one of the most celebrated portrait photographers of our time, Deborah Feingold. Largely unseen images of Madonna, Keith Richards (Rolling Stones), Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits), James Brown, Paul Weller and Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) to name but a few are all on show. Each image is presented using the highest quality fine art printing methods, every image is then meticulously checked, signed and numbered by the photographer. With a very low number of images available (around 20 World Wide), these works also tend to increase in value over time.

Please feel free to visit the gallery either in person or view our portfolio online and in either case, all our staff are grateful of the opportunity to talk more about the prints and advise upon possible purchases should it be required. If you do wish to purchase online, please rest assured that all transactions are processed securely and in complete confidence. No payment details are retained after the transaction has been made.