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Storm Thorgerson AND Nick Mason Signed Oh By The Way Pink Floyd Print Pair


Storm Thorgerson

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Storm Thorgerson

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Print Pair Hand Signed By Storm Thorgerson And Nick Mason Art Work
Storm Thorgerson AND Nick Mason Signed Oh By The Way Pink Floyd Print Pair

Date: 2008

Signed By: Signed In Pencil By Nick Mason And by Storm Thorgerson

Edition: 40 Prints World Wide

Dimensions: Print size 28" x 29", Image size 24" x 24"

Atelier: Storm Thorgerson

Condition: New & Mint Condition

Medium: Giclee print on Somerset tub sized 340gsm

British Pounds£4800
US Dollars$6384
Japanese Yen¥823920

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Storm Thorgerson kindly provided the story behind the
creation of this Pink Floyd imageray to St Pauls Gallery

"Firstly the box had no front nor back in the normal sense,
so two images were required - similar, for they referred to
the same thing, but not identical, cos that would be dull.
Secondly it was required to illustrate 14 albums not one
single album, therefore not a theme, more a Floyd ethos type
design, something general not specific, about the band and
their musical outlook. We came up with the 'mirror set';
a room in a house, a Pink Floyd room containing objects,
instruments and photographs of Pink Floyd, arranged in a
fashion reminiscent of Ummagumma and of Echoes, but now
focusing on a mirror in which to reflect their history. This
is an image heavily concerned with layers of perspective and
of meaning, and as equally concerned with framing (a major
visual preoccupation) as much as music is concerned with
timing - if sound has (regular) timing it may be music, if a
visual is framed it may be art.

"In the end this design is basically a photograph of the
band or is it? If it were a photograph of a mirror in a room
where's the camera? Simple trickery, I hear you murmur, but
you don't know that; easy, could be done by compooter but
you don't know that (it wasn't). It's a little mystery,
mirroring the far bigger mystery of Floyds success, a
mystery especially to them."

LIMITED EDITION OF 40 _ Very Low Availability - Sold Out
From Publisher

Signed and numbered in pencil by
Storm Thorgerson

Design and Photography by StormStudios

Giclee print on Somerset tub sized 340gsm

Print size 28" x 29", Image size 24" x 24"